Building online automotive marketplaces in Latin America

Automotive marketplaces enabled by SaaS CRM platforms in Central America and the Caribbean.

15+ countries. 100+ million people.

Leveraging market knowledge, data intelligence, global technology, passion and motivation to build Latin American automotive portals for cars, trucks and motorbikes, closer to the transaction.

Building. Operating. Commercialising.

CarroCar Group build, operate, commercialise and partner with ventures in Central America and Caribbean markets around online marketplaces for the automotive sector.

Adaptation & Innovation

Test and learn techniques in one country and applying it to another. Our unique approach of scaling allows us to adapt, leverage ideas, talents and innovation in and Latin American markets.

Accelerating Markets

Central America and the Caribbean consist of growing economies and demographies with a growing middle and upper class. The region is an increasingly important regional market for U.S.

Engaging Marketplaces

CarroCar Group moved from traditional online classifieds to transactional marketplaces, allowing us to earn a margin on the primary or secondary transactions in more and more markets.

Software as a Service

We are powering local Latin American businesses with online platforms, with software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud, allowing them to grow, be more professional and better manage their operation.

Marketplaces. CRM.

Integrated B2C and B2B.

We offer integrated B2C listings platforms with B2B business management portals helping local established businesses in Latin American markets to better and more efficiently operate their businesses. We help them promote their inventory, address a larger audience, as well as manage their catalogue, leads, teams and sales.

Bridging offline and online activities and transactions

By switching from paper forms or offline excel spreadsheets to a fully online CRM platform, we enable local businesses to bridge the gap between their physical operations and their online presence in a simpler way.

Marketplaces. CRM.

Networks. Ecosystems.

To successfully manage and operate these platforms it’s all about having the right teams and partners in the right place, with the right expertise and of course, the right markets.

From local expertise to top social media resources, content quality experts, and of course dedicated tech development team, we cover all aspects of building, growing and commercialising marketplaces in Latin America.